Sunday, September 27, 2009

September 27th 2009, My boyfriend is a sheep

Days unemployed: 14

Number of resumes submitted: 24

Number of interviews: 1

Bank balance: 963.63 (apple juice is expensive)

Number of Starbucks beverages purchased: 18

Been having very strange dreams lately. Not sure what subconscious is trying to tell me. Other week had a dream that I made a giant cake for the boyfriend that he wore as a dress and drama ensued when dress started to melt. Then, last night had a dream that the boyfriend was a sheep and I was using his wool to knit with, but instead of just being a normal sheep he was just like a ball of yarn with a head and he was getting mad at me for knitting him away. Also had a dream that I was shooting people with arrows and they were attacking my apartment that was actually this big castle (which was still under furnished, come on subconscious).

Went to see The September Issue with the boyfriend yesterday. Medium diet coke cost $4.25, very troublesome. Seeing all of those magazine people working kind of reawakened my desire to work for a magazine or some kind of publication. Hopefully I can get in doing publications at this non profit, might even get a change to do some layout or article writing.

Was thinking I might not have had this problem if I had gone to Pratt for writing and done an internship at a real magazine rather than this fake one that I did at my internship at the furniture showroom. Boyfriend still reminds me often that I should have done an internship at his ad agency. Probably right but too late for that now.

Also: getting fed up with Pandora. Music feed: Aimee Mann, Pandora plays: Coldplay. Music feed: Contemporary Folk, Pandora plays: Coldplay. Music Feed: Echo & the Bunnymen , Pandora plays: Coldplay. Before it did this with John Mayer. Every station keeps getting watered down to play bland straight people music. Dave Matthews Band, Jack Johnson. Must put a stop to this. Also: enough covers of Mad World already. Went through that phase already, lovely song, don’t need to hear it twenty times a day.

Going to another party with the boyfriend tonight. Not really in the mood to be around a bunch of people. But, probably should get out.

Okay, going to browse job postings even though there’s never anything good on Sunday.

Kind Regards,

Zack Eliasz

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