Monday, September 21, 2009

September 21st 2009, At least I don't have to call in sick to work

Days unemployed: 8

Number of resumes submitted: 12

Number of interviews: 1

Bank balance: 812.16

Number of Starbucks beverages purchased: 12

Feel ill today. Aldi food starting to take toll on body. Got food poisoning today from Aldi salsa, spent most of the afternoon crouched in front of toilet heaving. Very unpleasant. Worst part: very hungry, almost considered going back to lethal salsa for round two. Feel bad wasting money but must throw salsa away so not tempted by it in future. But what to eat with tortilla chips now? Those destined to go to waste as well?

Anyway, went to Pumping Company for a burger and beer for dinner. File that one under mental health.

Oh, and I have a lovely new cable-knit hat that I made from this olive green alpine wool I got from the fabric store yesterday. It’s super warm and fits perfect. Boyfriend suggestion: make ten more and sell for $45.00 each. My thought: make ten more and hoard them all for self. So difficult to let go of knit goods. Love them dearly. Although, $450.00 would be nice as well. Love paying rent dearly too.

Still feeling under the weather from nasty evil Aldi salsa. Might go lie down. Job postings quite dismal today. Art Institute updates HR page on Tuesdays so might be something new tomorrow. Suspense.

Errant thought: Tom Ford film, slightly excited for, but still think it’ll be complete rubbish.

Also: Got pushed out of way by ten children on skateboards today. Detest rollerchildren. Almost as much as jobbers.

Off to get some rest to heal my tummy.

Kind Regards,


And hat:

Quite an awful picture of me, really. Facial hair getting out of control. Should really trim.

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