Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September 15th 2009, Job Market Constipated

Days unemployed: 2

Number of resumes submitted: 6

Number of interviews: 1

Bank balance: 183.73

Number of Starbucks beverages purchased: 3

Woke up early to see doctor this morning. Friend of boyfriend revised resume and forwarded to potential employers. I, personally, liked my resume before. It was simple, conveyed my experiences, was one page, easy to glance through. Used a very lovely font. However, employers seem to want bland Microsoft word document resume in Arial. Objectives bother me. Objective is clearly to find job so not homeless in a month. However, revised objective is: Creative, high energy and detail oriented marketing and communications professional seeking an entry level career opportunity with a progressive firm in corporate marketing/communications, public relations, event planning or graphic design.

I wouldn’t really describe myself as high energy and I suspect that is some resume code for just out of college.

Doctor’s office very dull, watched Martha Stewart make a duck bench. Noticed many commercials about fiber in cereals, fiber supplements, irregular bowels. Perhaps fiber is new consumer buzzword. Tough economic times lead to digestive unrest. Job market is constipated, suggest economy take some fiber.

Not dying, doctor assured me. Doctor usually says something flirty like, “Sit over here so I can look at you more.” Calls me handsome.

After doctor, went to apply for office clerk position at downtown law firm. Suspected meager turnout because of the whole apply in person thing. While I was applying at least twenty other people came in to apply for the same job and they were all in their thirties, forgive me ladies, but I could tell, and wearing business suits. Lots of pumps and Coach handbags. Felt very underdressed in wrinkled khakis and button down from H&M. One woman asked me how many and I didn’t know what she meant and then she asked me again how many resumes I’d submitted. Since unemployed only six. She had submitted close to 100. I looked at her resume and it was very sloppy and poorly formatted but I told her it looked nice. Very uncomfortable. Also: very hot in office, was sweating profusely. Had to take aptitude test involving math. Dreadful flashbacks to standardized testing. If a man bought televisions for 3500 dollars and sold for 5500 dollars and made a profit of 50.00 per television how many televisions were involved? Which word is most opposite the word SOW? Interviewed with woman who told me the job was very easy and anyone could do it and asked me if I had any questions. I’ll find out tomorrow if I got the position and it starts on Thursday and goes for a week. Hopefully could make enough to pay rent.

Ate lunch at Potbelly, much guilt ensued, 7.80 for a diet coke an sandwich.

Boyfriend at work late tonight, so must forage for sustenance. Considering buying groceries at Aldi, surely a dire food situation to be considering this.

Day two of unemployment very dull, worse than Monday. Each day will be worse, I can tell. Can only apply to so many jobs in one day, how to fill time? Making cute knitted hats with ear flaps, many of them, two finished already and a third on the way. Never thought I would be this person. Don’t recognize self, readily abandoning days to sweatpants and over processed food, not showering regularly, not shaving as much as should, not talking to friends. Feel lonely and cut off from the world. Therapist suggests support groups, volunteer work. No good. Out of shampoo and body wash, but trying to conserve funds. To purchase or not? Might call mother for pep talk. Mother brought up forbidden topic last time: moving back home to Pennsylvania. Frightening thought. Must avoid this topic. Several people suggest: move in with boyfriend. Doesn’t seem logistically sound.

Very bleak, going to go smoke another cigarette and read book about animal behavior.

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