Saturday, October 10, 2009

October 10th 2009, Lazy

Been lazy this weekend, spent the whole day watching America's Next Top Model on Bravo. Picture of me and boyfriend's kitty watching TV:

Going to see Kathy Griffin tonight at the Chicago Theater. Yay for early birthday presents. Got to spend the whole day at home with boyfriend yesterday, it was fantastic. Really enjoying these lazy days, but still need to get myself pumped for this interview with the chiropractor.

Kind Regards,

Thursday, October 8, 2009

October 8th 2009, One word

Days unemployed: 25

Number of resumes submitted: 32

Number of interviews: 3

Bank balance: 386.56 (downright disturbing)

Number of Starbucks beverages purchased: 30

“Due to the number of blind responses to a craigslist ad, we only review responses for those who may have actually read the ad. To confirm that you've read this ad, please forward resume and include only ONE word in your response. The ONE word should be one that describes you.”

My word: stellar.

I know, I know. Haven’t had my S-bux today.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

October 7th 2009, Measly peanuts

Days unemployed: 24

Number of resumes submitted: 29

Number of interviews: 3

Bank balance: 386.56 (downright disturbing)

Number of Starbucks beverages purchased: 28

The progression of a bad mood often happens the same way with me. I struggle to do everyday things like shower and put on deodorant. Rather than buying groceries I just order a pizza. Rather than talk to people about my feelings I talk to whatever book I’m reading, and expect the authors (Jonathan Franzen, Joan Didion, Rick Moody) to answer me in some way, listen to Norah Jones, agonize over the homeless man in the rain trying to hold his change cup out without getting it full of water or dropping the change out.

Errant thought: Am reminded of conversation between my mother and my sister—Sister was talking about how stingy she could be with her money, a likely trait for someone studying Business. My mother likened the behavior to clinging fiercely to her chest, trying not to drop any of her “measly peanuts.” She went on to say that if you hold out your arms you risk dropping some but are more able to accept more coming in. Moral of story: don’t be afraid of losing money, rather, make sure you’re prepared to accept more coming in. My sister suggested another alternative, to put her measly peanuts in a 401k and let them multiply on their own.

On topic: the call DID finally come, but was merely a formality to inform me that the position had been offered to someone else. So, that’s the end of that story. My mother, eternally optimistic (and celebrating her birthday today, happy birthday Mum), insists that the interview with a chiropractor coming up must be ”THE JOB,” because of the irony of the situation (for many years she was a secretary for various chiropractors).

We’ll see. Slept on a pile of (clean) laundry two nights ago because I didn’t have the energy to move it. Not that I did that much on Monday, but being depressed takes a lot out of you. Had a dream that Katherine Heigl was my best friend (?), and woke up in time to say goodbye to the boyfriend.

Forgot to mention that I went to Michigan over the weekend to spend the night with friends of the boyfriend at their lakeside house. Went on a boat, sat by fire, fell asleep prematurely after a riveting Wii bowling match that I decided to sit out. Spent a whole night away from S-bux and police sirens.

Rainy and cold yesterday, decided to make chili. Of course, made it far too spicy for anyone but myself to eat. Future note: one habanero goes a long way, six habeneros is, uh, lethal apparently. Boyfriend tried his hardest to eat it and was really sweet about it but I learned my lesson. Certainly not going to pull that when I go home and cook for the family.

Okay, off to go write the next great American short story.

Kind Regards,


Monday, October 5, 2009

October 5th 2009, Waiting for the call

Today I waited for the phone call that was supposed to come. When I interviewed the woman told me that she believed that if I could take the effort to come in and interview she owed it to me to call whether or not she was going to offer me a job. Two months ago me would find some positive optimistic way to look at this situation. I would tell myself that they were just deliberating extra hard and they were probably saving the best phone call for last. I would feel okay. I might post something hopeful and call my mother. But, the truth of the situation is I just didn’t get the job. And they’re not going to call to tell me that. If I email I’ll get a short apologetic email back saying they were simply swamped. Two months ago me would have bounced right back and found comfort in the fact that I have another interview with a chiropractor in a week. But, now I just feel like the job search is endlessly hopelessly more of the same. Everyone says I just have to keep doing what I’m doing and eventually something will come through for me, and I will, I just don’t know how many more times I can interview for positions, get myself really excited about the mediocre jobs I’m applying for, put on a pair of khakis, say all the right things, shake hands with people in the hire me kind of way.

Had an episode in S-bux today. I ran into a girl I knew from school and we talked for a while, nothing out of the ordinary. Then she left and I just completely lost it and went into the bathroom and cried for ten minutes. I’m not exactly the type to cry about things, I’ll admit that it happens once in a while, but it rarely just sneaks up on me like that. I just felt completely and utterly hopeless, like I made all the wrong choices, like I’m not worth anything. Then I decided to buy myself a burger and a martini to make me feel better. And I will admit, it did help. Especially because the bartender listened when I said A LOT of olives and the glass was positively swimming with them. Then I went home and watched chick flicks. Then I watched videos of people being frightened on Youtube.

It was a mental health day, just, without the mental health.

That’s all for now. Since I didn’t send out any resumes today I’ll have to make up for it tomorrow.

Kind Regards,


October 5th 2009, Do these pants make my butt look employable?

Days unemployed: 22

Number of resumes submitted: 28

Number of interviews: 3

Bank balance: 926.07 (okay I gave in and bought myself a drink, or three)

Number of Starbucks beverages purchased: 26

Interview went swimmingly. The veterinary clinic is in a little townhouse off the brown line that was very quaint and welcoming. Everyone there was really nice. Got to hang out with the other receptionists for a while and ask questions and get to know the place a little better. All in all very hopeful. They also had the cutest little one eyed dog. Must admit that working with animals would be such a huge perk to getting a job right now, might even make me consider getting a little puppy of my own. Boyfriend thinks this is a silly impractical idea. May be right.

Will find out today if I got the job. Suspense killing me. Don’t even care about the whole Olympic thing, completely obsessed with my phone right now, waiting to get that call.

Wore the absolute cutest pants I could find to interview, made my butt look very employable.

Okay, time to wait for that call.

Kind Regards,

Thursday, October 1, 2009

October 1st 2009, Networking working

Days unemployed: 18

Number of resumes submitted: 28

Number of interviews: 3

Bank balance: 951.63

Number of Starbucks beverages purchased: 21

Have second interview with veterinary clinic, very excited for this. Position could actually be a very good fit for me. Working with college students: very similar to working with animals. Chances of being bitten, pissed on, or scratched: comparable. What can I say, art students are rowdy. Found out that the veterinary clinic received over 400 resumes for one job posting and I was one of fifteen that they contacted and one of only 6 that they chose for an in-person interview. Much more happy dance. I think this might be the job I finally land. This blog could very soon become my employment blog.

Errant thought: Aaron Schock good candidate for nemesis for a number of reasons. 1. Has abs, certainly a detestable attribute. 2. The whole youngest man in congress thing, don’t trust young people. 3. This whole I’m a young cute republican changing the face of conservatives shtick. Because for every Aaron Schock, there’s about a hundred old bloated Rush Limbaughs. Just saying: hot republicans not to be trusted.

Had a meeting with man from events company yesterday. Got me contact info for some other promising sources for freelance work if nothing works out.

But, get this, just got a call about another interview for a chiropractor’s assistant. So glad that the phone calls are FINALLY beginning to come in.

Now, for slight dilemma: both veterinary clinic and chiropractor are located at weird places in Chicago. Getting there isn’t difficult per se, but it’s awkward. I can either take two busses, a train and a bus, or a train and A LOT of walking. Then for the chiropractor it involves taking the red line in one direction, transferring to the brown line and taking that back in the direction I came from. So, no matter what there’s going to be a train or bus transfer involved. But, at this point, I’m willing to go to Glencoe, IL if I think it’ll pay my rent.

On that subject I actually got an email for a potential fourth interview, BUT, and this is most certainly an all caps ‘but,’ the position is in Glencoe, and it’s an internship, and it’s part time, and I’d have to take a bus, the metra and another bus. So, did some soul searching, and I really can’t reasonably afford that commute even if I wanted to do that much running around for a job that might not even turn into a full time position. And I do really hate to be picky at this juncture, but I have to be realistic about commute. If it takes more than an hour or costs more than six dollars one direction it’s really not a realistic commute. I mean, really, I used to be able to get from philly to new york in a little over two hours. Granted it would cost fifty bucks to take the Amtrack. Chicago has truly great public transit, arguably, but there is the unfortunate problem that there a pockets of the city that are just generally not easy to get to unless you drive. It’s why I never see my friends who live in west town, because it would take me an hour and a half to get out there.

Having a good week though. Everyone wish me luck on interview, that is, unless you enjoy my unemployed ramblings, you sadist you.

Also, broke S-bux loyalty the other day for a orange mocha with an extra shot from Lavazza. Really a lovely coffee shop, and sometimes cheaper than S-bux.

And on that note of to shower, get coffee, quick bite, then off to beast this interview.

Kind Regards,


Monday, September 28, 2009

September 28th 2009, A small minority

“Listeners to the free Pandora service are limited to a total of 40 hours each month. Only a tiny minority of our listeners will ever reach that limit…”

Suffice to say being unemployed has actually caused me to reach the 40-hour listening limit on Pandora. Can I go on living?