Monday, October 5, 2009

October 5th 2009, Do these pants make my butt look employable?

Days unemployed: 22

Number of resumes submitted: 28

Number of interviews: 3

Bank balance: 926.07 (okay I gave in and bought myself a drink, or three)

Number of Starbucks beverages purchased: 26

Interview went swimmingly. The veterinary clinic is in a little townhouse off the brown line that was very quaint and welcoming. Everyone there was really nice. Got to hang out with the other receptionists for a while and ask questions and get to know the place a little better. All in all very hopeful. They also had the cutest little one eyed dog. Must admit that working with animals would be such a huge perk to getting a job right now, might even make me consider getting a little puppy of my own. Boyfriend thinks this is a silly impractical idea. May be right.

Will find out today if I got the job. Suspense killing me. Don’t even care about the whole Olympic thing, completely obsessed with my phone right now, waiting to get that call.

Wore the absolute cutest pants I could find to interview, made my butt look very employable.

Okay, time to wait for that call.

Kind Regards,

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