Thursday, October 1, 2009

October 1st 2009, Networking working

Days unemployed: 18

Number of resumes submitted: 28

Number of interviews: 3

Bank balance: 951.63

Number of Starbucks beverages purchased: 21

Have second interview with veterinary clinic, very excited for this. Position could actually be a very good fit for me. Working with college students: very similar to working with animals. Chances of being bitten, pissed on, or scratched: comparable. What can I say, art students are rowdy. Found out that the veterinary clinic received over 400 resumes for one job posting and I was one of fifteen that they contacted and one of only 6 that they chose for an in-person interview. Much more happy dance. I think this might be the job I finally land. This blog could very soon become my employment blog.

Errant thought: Aaron Schock good candidate for nemesis for a number of reasons. 1. Has abs, certainly a detestable attribute. 2. The whole youngest man in congress thing, don’t trust young people. 3. This whole I’m a young cute republican changing the face of conservatives shtick. Because for every Aaron Schock, there’s about a hundred old bloated Rush Limbaughs. Just saying: hot republicans not to be trusted.

Had a meeting with man from events company yesterday. Got me contact info for some other promising sources for freelance work if nothing works out.

But, get this, just got a call about another interview for a chiropractor’s assistant. So glad that the phone calls are FINALLY beginning to come in.

Now, for slight dilemma: both veterinary clinic and chiropractor are located at weird places in Chicago. Getting there isn’t difficult per se, but it’s awkward. I can either take two busses, a train and a bus, or a train and A LOT of walking. Then for the chiropractor it involves taking the red line in one direction, transferring to the brown line and taking that back in the direction I came from. So, no matter what there’s going to be a train or bus transfer involved. But, at this point, I’m willing to go to Glencoe, IL if I think it’ll pay my rent.

On that subject I actually got an email for a potential fourth interview, BUT, and this is most certainly an all caps ‘but,’ the position is in Glencoe, and it’s an internship, and it’s part time, and I’d have to take a bus, the metra and another bus. So, did some soul searching, and I really can’t reasonably afford that commute even if I wanted to do that much running around for a job that might not even turn into a full time position. And I do really hate to be picky at this juncture, but I have to be realistic about commute. If it takes more than an hour or costs more than six dollars one direction it’s really not a realistic commute. I mean, really, I used to be able to get from philly to new york in a little over two hours. Granted it would cost fifty bucks to take the Amtrack. Chicago has truly great public transit, arguably, but there is the unfortunate problem that there a pockets of the city that are just generally not easy to get to unless you drive. It’s why I never see my friends who live in west town, because it would take me an hour and a half to get out there.

Having a good week though. Everyone wish me luck on interview, that is, unless you enjoy my unemployed ramblings, you sadist you.

Also, broke S-bux loyalty the other day for a orange mocha with an extra shot from Lavazza. Really a lovely coffee shop, and sometimes cheaper than S-bux.

And on that note of to shower, get coffee, quick bite, then off to beast this interview.

Kind Regards,


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