Thursday, September 17, 2009

September 17th 2009, Making A Living In The Wild

Days unemployed: 4

Number of resumes submitted: 8

Number of interviews: 1

Bank balance: 826.66 (quite lovely, last paycheck came in)

Number of Starbucks beverages purchased: 6

Fundamental concern of animal kingdom: finding food. Thus: foraging. Food must be purchased with currency. For most animals the currency is the effort and time it takes to secure food. Example: lion must chase field creature for (x)amount of time before able to consume gazelle or rabbit or whatever it is that lions eat. People must work certain number of hours for currency for food. When job not available though? Not equipped to chase gazelle, lions not hiring. Job resembles: quick moving prey, must run faster, grow sharper teeth.

Errant thought: Pandora station always becomes watered down and plays nothing but John Mayer. Must avoid this at all costs.

S-bux constitutional successful, but could any walk resulting in a Double Grande Nonfat Dirty Chai be deemed unsuccessful? Think not.

Feel like collared pika, must feed on mediocre greens close to home, otherwise: predation. Downtown dangerous money sucking void, to be avoided at all costs. Less jobbers up north less feelings of resentment.

Situation increasingly dire. In foraging desperation shopped at local Aldi store for groceries. Food not bad or dangerous, just bizarre. Store tiny with no shelves, everything was stacked warehouse style, eerie brightly colored store. Shoppers do not look like shoppers in commercial, more like zombies. Boyfriend likens store to twilight zone, everything looks sort of familiar, but is different, replaced with slightly defective clone. Like Bugs Bunny clones from radioactive carrots. Something slightly off about whole store. No baggers, had to bag own groceries and pay for the bags too. Still quite economical, 21 dollars for weeks worth of groceries.

Met Lika downtown for lunch, her treat. Got massive burrito from Qdoba. Felt ill afterwards. Going to send Lika resume, has friend at insurance company that might be hiring. Got very bizarre email reply today:

“Thanks for showing your Interest,Like i said we are looking for Office Clerk and most of our communication will be done online.

So do you have Yahoo IM (Yahoo Messenger)?

So we can get to chat and i put you through more about the job.

My Yahoo IM id is me to your messenger list so we can get

to talk more or you get back to me wth your Yahoo IM id so i add you

to my messenger list.

Waiting to read from you...”

Seems like creepy fourteen-year-old with too much time on hands. Should send message? Quite shady.

Anyway, boyfriend home soon. Going to watch Project Runway tonight. Very excited. Nice to have boyfriend home at reasonable hour. Lately been working late lots of nights. Jealous. Remember having to work late, miss having work. Feel sluggish. Going outside seems less and less appealing. Mostly want to crawl back into bed and become blanket caterpillar. Might do now.

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