Monday, September 28, 2009

September 28th 2009, A people person

Days unemployed: 15

Number of resumes submitted: 26

Number of interviews: 2 (phone interviews count!)

Bank balance: 951.63

Number of Starbucks beverages purchased: 19

You read the statistics correctly. Officially have second interview tomorrow with veterinary clinic. Very excited, though may have sold soul to get interview as I described self as “a real people person.” Not sure what that phrase really means but it seems to bring a warm smile to potential employer’s face. I mean, I like people. People are good. I certainly have no problem talking to people or being around them, but I think that the designation of people person belongs more to car salesmen and cashiers at Forever21.

Errant thought: I truly enjoy saying the word croissant. Try it sometime, ‘twill bring joy to your day if you say it with a real French accent. Try replacing the ‘r’ with a bit of ‘w’ action and pronounce ‘sant’ as ‘sont.’ Just, really, a lovely word.

Frustrating: hearing about how my friends piddle away their unemployment. I don’t receive unemployment since I wasn’t technically fired from any job. So hearing about how people squander their money really upsets me. Example: one friend purchased every season of Battlestar Galactica and pink rain boots. Another friend goes out to the bars every night and buys drinks for people. Another: cute Tumi laptop case I had my eye on. Is it as corrupt as giving obnoxious bonuses with government bailout money? No (but on that heinous topic: what is with people including bonuses received on applications and resumes). But it’s still pretty gross. Maybe upset because I don’t have that freedom.

Boyfriend works late Monday nights so stuck home alone.

MS Word: unexpectedly just quit and I’m too lazy to retype everything I wrote after the last line.

Kind Regards,

Zack Eliasz

Interviews result in this rare and embarrassing happy dance caught on tape. Even more embarrassing is that I'm listening to Interpol.

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